Bio Group offers the possibility of implementing projects at any level of perspective and definition. The various technological environmentally sound alternatives for water, effluent and waste water treatment displays from a modest compact plant of 2m3/day up to a 400m3/day modular plant or even centralized plants suitable for cities, , towns, villages and districts.

Any treatment system is assisted by a package of services and technical support solutions covering from the design process, supply/installation and throughout its lifetime.
ECC System
Aplication: Designed for domestic use.
ECI Flush & Spray System
Aplication: Medium home use;
With the application of innovative technology 4 - SHIN obtains a final effluent of excellent quality - Environmentally safe, odorless, crystalline and ready to make the irrigation of your garden and or reused in any other activity with lower demand quality and different human consumption direct.
EMC System
Application: Suitable for establishments producing 2m3 to 320m3 (320,000 ℓ) of wastewater per day.
A domiciliary EMC recycles wastewater producing a clear, odorless and environmentally safe effluent for irrigation of lawns, agricultural fields or dams / animal drinkers, or simply to return to the environment.
SBR System
Aplication:Suitable for small communities eg 100-50.000 people;
With the advent of automation PLC, the treatment of waste and wastewater through sequential reactor group became reality, already offers a good applicability for the purification of waste water generated by large communities, with major economic benefits and requirements and minimum level of maintenance.